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What The New Customer Journey Brings

70% of the buyer’s journey is complete before they reach out to your sales team.

It's important to know your own customer journey and be ready for them at each step of the way. By adapting to the 21st century customer you have the tools to:

  • Make informed decisions with insightful data
  • Identify your most profitable customers
  • Boost customer retention & advocacy
  • Attract and grow your ideal customer base

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What's Not Working For You?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Do you have ‘Spray and Pray’ approach to marketing?
  • Are you hung up on new business and forget your existing customers?
  • Are you overwhelmed with customer data, but not getting the value?
  • Is every team working in a silo?

Don't get left behind! Adapt to the changing behaviours of your customers and have potential to grow your business with confidence.

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Day 1: Trip Itinerary 

Day 2: Understand the 'New Customer Journey

Day 3: Map Your Customer Journey

Day 4: Address Your Data Challenges

Day 5: The Power of Segmentation

Day 6: Identify Your Profitable Customers

Day 7: Boost Customer Retention

Day 8 Grow Your Customer Base

Day 9: Route Review

Day 10: Take Action

Day 11: Team Buy In

Day 12: Improve Productivity

Day 13: CRM Know How

Day 14: Your Success Is Our Success

Day 15:  Road Trip Completed

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About Maximizer

We've had to make a lot of changes as a CRM company ourselves. What worked for our customers 30 years ago, isn't necessarily going to work now.

We're sharing our own experiences and insights to help you put together a actionable workbook you can use to address the New Customer Journey.

We don’t just provide CRM solutions – we provide companies with a competitive advantage.

With over 1.6 million licenses shipped to more than 120,000 businesses across all industries, Maximizer is helping companies just like yours grow profitably.

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