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Connect the dots between the data, people and systems that matter to you.

No More Silos.

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Meet Maximizer CRM 2018

Maximizer CRM 2018 empowers businesses to capture collective intelligence on customer preferences, history and status to help build life-long relationships.

Our software solution offers flexible deployment options; cloud and on-premise for today's sophisticated businesses.

Easy, all-inclusive prices keep the ongoing costs of a CRM affordable.

Take advantage of our 2018 enhancements including:

Data Import Tool

Quickly and easily upload contacts -keep your data clean with our Duplicate Checker.

  • Import History 
  • Templates For Field Mapping
  • Supports multiple entry types; Company, Individuals, Contacts & Opps
  • Specify import rules

Get a clear vision across all channels

With the portal, your partners can access their very own version of your CRM so that you have full visibility of the sales pipeline but your partners only have visibility of theirs.  

The portal can be customised to match your branding and website.

Partner Portal

Time Savers

Improve productivity with streamlined process management

  • Improved Desktop Notifications
  • Drag & Drop Document Loading
  • Global Edits
  • Auto-formatting Telephone Fields

App Directory

Now you can connect your line of business tools with Maximizer CRM 2018; CRM, email, chat, financial history and much more.

Access and enable other business applications, quickly and easily, straight from within Maximizer.

Haven't tried Maximizer before? Request to view our EMEA On-Demand Intro Webinar.

It's a great introduction to Maximizer and all the new enhancements for 2018.

New To Maximizer?

Already use Maximizer?

Good news! CRM Live customers will be automatically upgraded to the new software release in the coming weeks, while on-premise subscribers and maintenance customers can request upgrades from the beginning of November.

If you've used Maxmizer CRM before, but want to see the new enhancements, you can request to view our Customer On-Demand Webinar

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